How Fastbraces® Is Different from Traditional Braces

By: Dr. Hodan Rabile


Your smile is one of the most important features for any individual. It is one of the first things people notice about you, so it is quite normal to want to feel confident about it.

Having braces is common among kids and teenagers. But just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you might not need braces. Braces are high maintenance, no doubt about it, but look at the bigger picture. It is your gateway to a perfect smile!

Braces normally take a long time—about 2–3 years depending on your case. But what if there is a quicker and more effective way?

Fastbraces®: An efficient way to get the perfect smile!

Fastbraces® are a modern substitute to the older traditional style of braces. They fix your teeth in a shorter time compared to other treatments.

Some people assume that the quick effect of Fastbraces® might mean it’s more painful compared to the traditional style, but that is not the case. The technology allows it to be more comfortable and less sensitive.

Fastbraces® is a high-performance bracket system that moves the crown and roots of the teeth at the same time, allowing the teeth to straighten in as little as 120 days.

Types of Fastbraces®:

  • The Classic Series
  • The Turbo Series

These are made of triangular brackets which efficiently and effectively adjusts to the crown and roots hence the teeth grow straight and in the correct position. The lack of rubber bands and metal wires shortens the treatment time and makes it more comfortable.

Fastbraces® VS Traditional Braces

Short Treatment: As the name suggests, Fastbraces® provides quicker results compared to traditional braces. Unlike traditional braces, it moves the crown and the roots of teeth at the same time, resulting in a quicker procedure.

Comfortable and effective: The smoother brackets of Fastbraces® are less likely to cause any tear or irritation to the tongue or inside of the lips. It can be inserted into any patient, in spite of the severity of their dental issue. There are fewer wires, not so unpleasant to look at; also, there is an option for clear braces as well.

Cost Effective: As compared to traditional braces, Fastbraces® requires fewer visits to the orthodontist. The accelerated treatment duration and reduction of rubber band and metal use cuts the cost, making them more affordable. On the other hand, traditional braces’ cost is higher.

Fastbraces® is a smart technology helping you achieve that perfect smile in less time and cost! For more information, contact Rabile Family Dentistry, our team of professional Fastbraces dentists in Irving, Texas, for your options and individual case. Contact us now!

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