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Regular oral assessments allow you to take a proactive approach to maintain the health of your smile. A comprehensive dental exam at Rabile Family Dentistry diagnoses tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and other problems that might affect your oral and general health. Usually carried out at biannual teeth cleaning appointments, dental exams enable Dr. Hodan Rabile to examine the teeth, gums, bite position, jawbone, and other oral checkpoints. Even if you are brushing and flossing your teeth perfectly at home, getting a professional dental cleaning twice a year at Rabile Family Dentistry can still be beneficial. Using state-of-the-art tools, a biannual dental cleaning can remove built-up plaque and tartar while polishing the enamel for a brighter, healthier smile. To maintain the wellness and beauty of your mouth, schedule a dental exam and cleaning at our Irving, TX practice soon.

At Rabile Family Dentistry, consistent dental exams and cleanings help our Irving, TX patients stay on top of their dental hygiene, with benefits like:

  • Prolonging your smile's health
  • Investigating any complaints that have arisen regarding your teeth and mouth
  • Providing diagnostic exams, like X-rays and gum testing
  • Giving you a baseline for dental health records

Patients of all ages can benefit from dental exams and cleanings at least twice a year. At our Irving, TX office, a dental consultation begins with a discussion about your health. A team member also may ask about any oral problems or cosmetic smile goals you have to discover more about your total oral wellness. During yearly exams, a series of advanced x-rays may be done to provide enhanced insight into your teeth and jawbone wellness. Dr. Rabile will screen for oral cancer, check the balance of your bite and temporomandibular joints, and assess your teeth for irregularities and the comfort of any dental appliances.

A professional cleaning starts by removing the plaque and tartar that have built up in your mouth, which can be difficult to treat on your own, no matter how often you brush and floss. Special instruments are used to remove tartar without harming the tooth. First, an ultrasonic device addresses bigger chunks of tartar with high-speed vibrations and a lubricating mist. Then, handheld instruments, like a curette or scaler, will be used to remove smaller pieces. Each tooth needs to be individually scaled to get all the tartar. Once the teeth have been cleaned, the enamel will be polished to remove stains and strengthen the teeth. A fluoride treatment can be performed after the cleaning if needed or requested. After your exam and cleaning, your technician can help you develop a good home oral care routine by demonstrating techniques or recommending specific products that may help you with your specific concerns.

Dr.Rabile’s always been great! She’s very caring and takes the time to assess your needs and do what is required to help your teeth looking better and healthier. She’s my and our family’s dentist for life!

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I had a pleasant experience with Dr Rabile...always caring and very helpful in answering my questions. I'd definitely recommend Dr Rabile for your dental needs:).

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Great, fast and always friendly service with a smile!!!

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The dentist is kind and pays attention to small details. Best dental experience.

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Wonderful place with very nice people. Fully explains everything with you. Takes time and takes care! Five stars!!!!

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Maintaining a healthy smile requires more than just visiting your dental care provider when you experience a concern. Routine dental exams and cleanings at Rabile Family Dentistry help with the early detection and management of dental concerns and are essential to defending your dental wellness. Schedule your family's thorough dental checkups with Dr. Rabile at our Irving, TX practice.

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Are dental exams and cleanings painful?
No, dental exams and cleanings are not usually painful. The instruments used to examine and clean your teeth are designed to be gentle, so you should not feel any discomfort. Dr. Rabile and our team always use the most advanced tools to ensure a comfortable experience. If you do feel any pain, please let us know so we can adjust the procedure accordingly.
How do I prepare for a dental exam and cleaning?
To prepare for your dental exam and cleaning, it is important to brush and floss your teeth the night before. This will help reduce the amount of plaque and tartar that needs to be removed. It is also recommended to avoid eating foods or beverages that could cause staining before your appointment at Rabile Family Dentistry.
What can I expect after my dental exam and cleaning?
After your dental exam and cleaning, you should feel refreshed and have a healthier smile. Your teeth may also look brighter because of the polishing that was done during your visit in Irving, TX. Our professionals can let you know if any additional treatments would be beneficial for your oral health.
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